Frequently asked questions

Hi Everyone, to clear up a few question to make it easier when deciding on hiring your best suitable photographer we have completed a few of the most commonly asked ones.


How many hours’ coverage on the day?

Between 8 and 10, we usually start 2 hours before the service and finish after the first dance.

Is there a contract to sign?

Yeah of course, it outlines everything you should know about our service and acts as a receipt of payment.

Are there any travel expenses?

Travelling is included in our price aslong as the destination is within 1 hour of Hull

Do you require a meal + drinks?

Meal yes, drinks, no thanks we are driving (couple of shandies maybe)

Can I submit my wedding to blogs?

Of course you can, we would recommend you to do this, its great publicity for us and sometimes you have that little more time on your hands to write some nice words about your big day.

What will you wear?

Suited and booted is the phrase, smart attire, suit, waste coat and polished shoes, after all it’s a special occasion.

What equipment do you use?

We shoot canon 5d’s mk111 in non camera talk very professional high end camera with a big range of lenses and portable lighting units.

Will you guide us into poses?

Of course, over 1000 hours shooting weddings we know a thing or two about how to stand however we do try to make our shots as natural as possible

Can I provide a list of shots I’d like?

you can and we can also suggest shots you may like aswell

Do you edit the images?

We all want to look our best on our wedding day and occasionally that may require a little sympathetic digital enhancement.

What timescale will the images be ready within?

24 hours, only kidding, no longer than a week

Will you supply a USB of the images?

All useable images come on a USB stick, and also on an online fileshare

Will there be a second photographer?

As standard, this is the best way to get more candid pictures and a different prospective, works really well in churches to get the bride walking down the isle shot and the bride and groom together from the back with those amazing church arches.

What happens if you are poorly?

Over the years we have compiled a network of photographers and 2nd shooters we can call upon in an emergency, upto now not a single bout of illness (Yorkshire men don’t get ill)

What sort of experience do you have?

Combined, over 10 years!

Are images in colour or black and white?

They all come in both, its down to you to decide as we will have different taste in black and whites.

What style are the images?

Reportage, candid, a very nice laidback way to document your day with a hint of traditional for those group shots to keep the parents, aunties and uncles happy.

Can I see a whole wedding album?

Take a look at our site there is multiple albums on there and we can also pop and visit to show you our printed sample albums.

What if it rains?

You get wet! England been England its more than likely going to get a little damp, I wouldn’t worry about it, only take 15 mins to 30 mins max to do all those beautiful outside shots we take, its never rain for 8 hours straight. if it does, portable lighting will help us make the most of your venue.


We hope these answers those important questions that will pop up when looking for your photographer, to add to these we would say meet up with your photographer, have a meal or a drink and spend some time together as you will be spending a lot of time around each other on your big day. Its best to get along and click to feel comfortable on your big day.


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